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Mineral processing

Gravity and magnetic separation:

  • Conventional processing methods (jigging, table concentration, spiral separation);
  • Centrifugal processing in Knelson, Falcon concentrators with batch concentrate discharge (precious metal recovery, mercury);
  • Centrifugal processing in Knelson concentrators with continuous concentrate discharge (precious metals, sulphides recovery, heavy metals concentration Cr, W, Sn, Fe etc.);
  • Dense media separation in a special plant;
  • Magnetic separators with different magnetic intensity; 
  • GRG Test, E-GRG Test, KC-CVD testing, multistage tests);
  • Modeling of gravity separation in grinding circuit.


  • Flotation in mechanical machines (Russia);
  • Flotation in Denver-Metso mechanical machines (USA)
  • Flotation in Outotec forced-air machines (Finland);
  • Flotation in Pneuflot Humboldt pneumatic machines (Germany);
  • Flotation in Imhoflot G-Cell pneumatic machines (Germany);
  • Flotation in Jameson Cell pneumatic machines (Australia);
  • Selection of optimal flotation parameters (grinding size, reagents, flotation kinetics, pulp potential, flowsheet design);
  • Cleaning operations modeling, including ultrafine grinding of crude concentrates;
  • Flotation in open and closed cycles.​​
Pilot concentrator KC-CVD (Canada)
Jig (Russia)
Metso/Denver 12 mechanical machine (USA)
Outotec machine (Finland)

Thickening and filtration:

  • Thickening testworks (conventional and high-rate thickeners);
  • Thickening in high-rate units (Delkor);
  • Filtering testworks (ceramic filters, pressure filters);
  • Filtration in pilot pressure filters;
  • Determination of parameters and technology development of semidry stockpiling of processing plant tailings.

Pilot plant testing:

  • Ore pilot tests according to different process flowsheets (gravity, gravity-flotation, gravity-leaching, gravity-flotation-leaching);
  • Pilot plant installations have a flexible process design and this makes it possible to treat continuously up to 3-5 tons of ore (20-100 kg/h capacity).

Set of tests for determination of physical and mechanical as well as process properties of ore enables performance of technological deposit mapping, issue of recommendations for an efficient ore processing flowsheet and design criteria.

Dense media separator (Russia)
FLSmidth pressure filter (USA)
Imhoflot H-Cell pilot plant (Germany)

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