October 18, 2021
Accreditation to perform the Jar Mill test

In September 2021, the Metso:Outotec Jar Mill arrived and was installed in the Institute TOMS laboratory. The Institute’s comminution team was trained by M:O’s specialists and the lab was granted accreditation to perform the Jar Mill testing.

September 10, 2020
IsaMill Testing Accreditation

In September 2020, Institute TOMS was given the latest accreditation certificates by Glencore Technology (Australia) for running UFG testing in a stirred mill – IsaMill M4.

August 30, 2020
Derrick Screen Pilot-Scale Testing

In August 2020, Institute TOMS (Irkutsk) in partnership with Thrane Teknikk initiated testing of a fine screening technology using Derrick Stack Sizer 2SG 48-60R-1STK by Derrick Corporation.

June 26, 2020
JK Drop Weight / SMC Test Accreditation

On the 12th of May 2020, Institute TOMS received an official confirmation from JK Tech Pty that the testwork quality and the personnel competencies are in conformity with high international standards.

June 16, 2020
A new up-to-date laser particle size analyzer Malvern Mastersizer was installed and put into operation in Institute TOMS

In June 2020, a new up-to-date laser particle size analyzer Malvern Mastersizer was installed and put into operation in Institute TOMS.

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April 30, 2020

Professional exchange and ongoing cooperation between TOMS and KÖPPERN in the field of iron ore concentrate re-grinding with HPGR

Since 2015, Institute TOMS has worked in close cooperation with the German HPGR manufacturer Köppern and operated a testing facility for HPGR grinding. This test facility is unique in the CIS and allows both Institute Toms and Köppern to test, develop and advance new technologies for ore processing. In March 2020, engineers of Institute Toms and Köppern met in Irkutsk to exchange about the challenges in iron ore concentrate re-grinding with HPGR and to perform a collaborative test work series on iron ore concentrate.

Due to their fine particle size and high moisture contents, iron ore concentrates present special challenges for a re-grinding process with help of HPGR. The HPGR is very well suited for an application on iron ore concentrate re-grinding. By re-grinding in the HPGR, the specific surface increases and the iron ore concentrate becomes more homogeneous compared to iron ore concentrates from “classical” ball mill grinding processes. As a result, the downstream pelletizing process is more uniform. The quality of the pellets increases, while the specific energy requirement for the pelletizing process decreases.

During the workshop and the test work Institute Toms and Köppern exchanged their experiences and knowledge on the field of iron ore concentrate processing and unified their high testing standards for iron ore concentrate re-grinding including all necessary material preparation and analysis procedures. This ensures that the quality of the tests is consistent and meets the high standards of both companies, regardless of whether the tests are carried out in Germany or in Russia.

With this workshop, both companies continue strengthening the cooperation and their position of being "knowledge leaders and leading technology suppliers" for the iron ore industry in the CIS states and worldwide.

Interested? Then contact the experts for the regrinding of iron ore concentrate with HPGR at Institute TOMS Institute ( or KÖPPERN (

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